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What Are The Remarkable Places To Visit During The Monsoons?

April 18, 2016

How about travelling during monsoons? Isn’t it a great idea? Yes, why not? Although you may think that, there aren’t enough places to travel during the monsoons but you might be wrong. The perfect country to explore during the monsoons is India. You can pack your bags and travel some of the best places over here. Some of the amazing monsoons destinations of India are discussed below.

Top Ten Monsoons Destinations Of India

  1. Gangtok Sikkim: this is one of the best destinations of India that needs to be explored during the monsoons. The beauty of great Himalayan Mountain and the majestic Kangchenjunga looks meditative during this season. You must explore it during this season.


  1. Darjeeling: This is the perfect monsoon destination. Darjeeling is known as the queen of hills and monsoons enhances the beauty of the queen. There are immense attractions found in this place which you can explore with all your time and leisure.
  1. Shillong, Meghalaya: If you want to enjoy the best time during the monsoon then Shillong is the ideal destination for you. The natural beauty of this place is wild during this season. You will surely love to explore the scenic beauty of this place.
  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu: This is one of the most popular hill stations in which is also known as the princess of hill station. The beauty of this place looks awesome during the monsoon. It becomes more charming during the rain. This is a must visit for tourists.
  1. Andaman Nicobar Islands: This place is one of the most demanding tourist’s destinations during the monsoons. This destination has numerous attractions, which you cannot resist. The corals, underwater beauty and breathtaking charm of this place look its best during rainy season.
  1. Munnar, Kerala: Munnar is very popular hill station of Kerala, India. The deep valley and spectacular mountains consists of variety of wildlife, which are at its best during the monsoons.
  1. Backwaters, Kerala: Kerala has immense places to visit during monsoons. Backwater is one of the most beautiful places of Kerala that you must visit during the season of monsoons. Amazing natural beauty and relaxing spa is its specialty.
  1. Goa: visiting Goa during monsoons is the best decision that you can make. This place is has immense beauty with its vibrant natural aspects and amazing sea beach. The picturesque beauty looks best in monsoons.
  1. Lonavala, Maharashtra: This is the favorite destinations for the tourists when monsoon declares its commencement. The beautiful waterfall and mountain ranges makes this destination an awesome visiting place.
  1. Ranikhet, Uttarakhand: Ranikhet is the best hill station to visit during the monsoons. This place is surrounded by hills and forests which is at its best during monsoon.

Pack Your Bags

Therefore, you can surely visit any of these destinations during the rainy season for enjoying the best time. India is the best place to explore during the monsoons. You can definitely pack your bags and make your visit to these places at one.